Pardon the dust, we are setting up our book shop.

Welcome to Roxbury Books. We specialize in books for the entire family.

What is Roxbury Books?

Roxbury Books is a cross between a publishing platform and a book club. Roxbury books was started by a family of authors that was looking for a way to cross promote not only their own books, but those of other indie authors like themselves. And so, Roxbury Books was established January 26, 2017.

What kinds of books does Roxbury Books promote?

We want books that you can share with your family. (Or be okay if they saw you reading it.) So we will never (knowingly) list or share erotica. Our books must be safely appropriate for a general audience. We realize that what that constitutes varies for reader to reader, and that some of our authors may write more “naughty” works that others. If a book is meant for a reader older than 17, we will clearly mark it as such.

Find a book that needs a warning? Use the contact us button and let us know.

I’m an author, can I list my work with Roxbury Books?

Possibly! We are always looking to expand our shelves with amazing stories.   Click on the Contact Us page and shoot us a message to let us know you are interested.


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Does Roxbury Books have a mailing list?

Roxbury Books strongly suggests you sign up for our author’s individual mailing lists. However, Dragons at the Roxbury author Erica Laurie does have the Soaring with Dragons newsletter, so don’t forget to sign up for it. News just for Roxbury Books will be in in that newsletter.