Kbooks Blog Party

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Welcome to the First Annual K-Book Party.

This is your first stop on the Blog-hop.

The K stands for Korea! It’s what is in our Seoul. (Ok, bad pun. But if you smiled it was worth it.)

Each of our attending authors has something in common. We love something about South Korea. For some of it is the music. For some it is the often gut wrenching TV dramas. For others it is the food. Or maybe it’s everything.

We’ve asked each participant to share what drew them into writing Kpop or Kdrama inspired fiction. Please visit their individual stops for special contests.

Roxbury Hosting Authors 

Jennie is a panelist at Kcon.   Sign up for mailing list to enter our $110 gift card raffle!
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Our Special Guests at the Roxbury

Mitta’s books are free. Get them on Smashwords
Kdrama Bloggers and authors of K-Love (A Korean Drama Series Book 1)
Sarah is raffling copies of her book! And some aweseome Kpop Swag! Visit her on facebook.


Note on the Ratings.

I’ve based them on movies.

Roxbury Ratings are in some instances based on reading the entire book, and in the case of the R ratings, are based on information provided by the author. Readers are encouraged to check the samples provided by Amazon/retailers before buying.

PG – Mild. Suitable for most audiences.

R- Restricted. Contains material not suitable for younger readers. This includes explicit content.

Enter Jennie and Erica’s raffle here.

Raffle is now Closed. Winners have been notified.

$110 iTunes or Amazon gift card to get your favorite Kpop tunes.

Signed paperbacks of the Kpop Romance Series by Jennie Bennett

Readers choice of two ebooks by Erica Laurie

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Disclaimer: This raffle is brought to you by The Roxbury Dragons.  Our Kbooks party is not a part of Kcon, or associated with it.

2 thoughts on “Kbooks Blog Party

  1. Is this where we are supposed to leave a Kdrama moment comment to get an extra drawing entry? My Kdrama moment was when I found Erica’s books LOL! I still haven’t actually watched any Kdrama series but I have loved reading Erica’s books and I have read one of Jennie’s books. Reading is my preferred entertainment method over TV anyways.


    1. Yep, this is where to leave a comment. I want to get to know people. (And I’m glad you like my works. I think you’ll like the Kpop book by Devon Atwood and Alice Cornwall, and then Mitta’s works.)


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