Fairy Tale December


This month the Roxbury Dragons have picked Fairy Tales for the theme. Fairy Tales are great for settling  in for around a roaring fireplace. Or with a cup of hot chocolate.


First up, we have this  retelling of The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan.

Would you risk everything for your happily ever after?

Arya thrives under the limitless blue waters of the NeverSea while Peter soars in the clouds high above—both perfectly designed for this harsh new world.

Stolen from their families, Arya and Peter were experimented on as young kids. Pushed to their breaking points, they escaped, but at a heavy price—Peter abandoned Arya when she needed him the most.

Years later, on a routine patrol, Arya comes face to face with Peter. A chance encounter with Arya’s lost love, James, opens the door for Peter, the ousted leader of the Lost Boys, to regain Neverland—a floating settlement now controlled by the heartless witch who took them as kids.

Arya fights to protect the NeverSea while Peter only looks out for himself. Forced together once more, Arya must decide if she can trust him with so many lives at stake.

The Little Mermaid meets Peter Pan in this science fiction retelling of two beloved classics. Readers who enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles will love this epic, young adult series.

A Little Mermaid story

What if the prince never loved the little mermaid? What if the other woman actually did love the prince but feels she can’t act on her feelings because she must be a good hostess and help save the mermaid’s life?

Years of war between the Children of Air, Land, and Sea have exhausted the lives and resources of its people. Nobles and royals must spend twenty years at least serving as peace healers to those who were devastated during these conflicts. Ishana, the youngest of her sisters, remains alone in the old Fortress of Elspeem, preparing for her time to go forth and serve.

But a young mermaid, Uaso, changes everything when she rescues a drowning man and turns to Ishana for help. Though quite young, Uaso wishes to marry the man and begs Ishana for her help. Ishana finds herself conflicted for many reasons, not the least of which are her own feelings for the handsome stranger who might save her from hardship. And a bad situation becomes worse when a fae princess is murdered at the time of the mermaid’s shocking arrival and transformation.

And  two Little Red Riding Hood stories!

Author suggested rating: PG 13  Some mild gore (gutted animal), and sexual situations (Shifter Romance)

What happens when a werewolf hunter falls for her prey?

Red Locklear regularly hunts all manner of woodland prey, but her favorite kill is the beast that tore her parents apart. The werewolf. Especially the ones that think they own her forest.
When her grandmother does not come back from a foraging run, Red dons her quiver of silver arrows and heads out to find the woman who took her in after her parents were cut down by a wolf pack.
What she finds in the woods isn’t anything like the animals she hunted in the past. Instead, she finds a lone wolf looking for a human connection. Her job is to extinguish the life of these horrid creatures, but seeing the compassionate side of the fiend changes everything Red has ever believed.

Author suggested rating: PG 13 for suggested violence

Book 1 of the Red Rider saga!
A paranormal action thriller
“I’m always fascinated when I read a debut novel that captivates me from start to finish. Where a novel is so well-written that I’m in awe of the author’s writing as well as their ability to tell an amazing story. I can only hope the right person will come across The Red Rider and turn it into a movie that is sure to be a box-office hit.”Kym McNabney, Story Contributor, Childhood Regained: Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers
“Action filled novel. Journey of a teenage girl. A story of love, courage, friendship and more. The author has got it all in this book.”Jay Deb, author of The Assassin and Contrived

Little Red Riding Hood is heading back into the woods to meet the big bad wolves …
But she’s not little anymore.
Having survived a childhood attack from a savage wolf, 16-year old Helena Basque remains disfigured with triple scars across her face. Bullied and plagued by nightmares of a supernatural wolf that spoke and stood upright, Helena urges her father to teach her how to hunt and defend herself. When she loses her parents and young sister to the wolves, receiving no help from the French government or her local priest, Helena sets out on her own to avenge her family.
Armed by her friend Pierre with a repeating crossbow and other unique weapons, Helena takes a stand against the creatures, donning a red cloak like the one she was once forbidden to wear. She soon discovers a mysterious cult of werewolves with secret plans to seize control of Versailles and the entire French nation.
Isolated and determined to accept whatever fate befalls her, Helena wages a one-girl war against the monsters as a strange and unlikely hero, refusing to surrender or slow down until she destroys the beasts. Every last one of them.
Come along for the ride.
Includes a Sneak Peek of Book 2: Red Rider Revolution coming in 2017!

Original Fairy Tales

This special boxset comes with  3 titles. (The links provided beneath go to the paperback on Amazon. These are enrolled in matchbook, so once you’ve purchased the paperback you can get the ebooks for free.)

Eun Na and the  Phantom 


Chung Jo and the Sea Dragon


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