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New years book


The dragon’s wish to apologize. We had a slight mix up with a couple of  participating titles where the author submitting the wrong books. We have fixed the mistake.  Thank you for understanding.

Humans have taken a sacred unicorn from the forest.

Shahly would do anything to rescue the stallion she loves.

But she is young and inexperienced in matters outside the protection of the herd.

She will need help. She will need an ally. She will need the aid of her kind’s greatest and deadliest enemy. But first, she must survive her first encounter with one of the most powerful dragons in the world, unaware that he has an agenda of his own…


After the murders, Evelyn becomes invisible—even imperceivable. However, she can be hurt or killed. She is also different inside; a battle rages between good and evil, and the winner decides what happens to humanity. The situation seems hopeless until the two forces begin appearing in Adam’s dreams.

From The Back Cover:
Do you know who you are—really?

Evelyn is a 17-year-old high school student living in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has never been popular—always the social enigma, in spite of her stellar academic and athletic abilities. It’s not because she was ever lacking in the desire or capability for friends either. Something else is up, and the most horrific tragedy she could never imagine is what brings it all to a head.

Now she must learn to survive in a world that cannot see her or even recognize she exists, cope with the loss of her parents, and unravel the mystery as to what has happened to her. The paradox is this: she simply cannot do it alone. What would you do if one day you woke up INVISIBLE?

The lonely sea dragon,Yong, wants a bride.

Chung Jo wants her father to regain his sight.

They will strike a bargain, and Chung Jo travels to Yong’s palace beneath the sea.

Beneath the sea, Chung Jo befriends a young servant of the sea dragon, and together they help Yong discover what it is to be loved.


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