Get an ARC for #fangirl problems

fangirl problems


Talitha wanted one thing: to meet X-O’s Chansol, and this was her chance. As a culinary student, she was too poor to see the Kpop group in concert, but at least she could watch them walking by at the airport. As X-O is about to arrive, another fan claws through, knocking Talitha over.
Heartbroken, she heads to work, expecting another routine catering service, until she walks in to find herself face to face with Chansol. Instead of reacting like a normal person she breaks down in tears. Fight or flight kicks in and Talitha runs outside only to bump into the Korean paparazzi.
Worse yet, Chansol has followed her, and the paparazzi chase them off the premise. She thinks their escape together is an accident, but his motives for choosing Talitha are deeper than she expects.

My friend Jennie Bennett has a new book coming out. This is a charming little story about a Kpop fan and her bias, and their unlikely romance.

For sensitive readers, this book has some mild use of dang and dangit.  There’s also some kissing. This is a clean YA first romance, and reads as such.

You can your free copy here: