August is: Regency Romance Month

For the rest of August, I’ll be sharing Regency Romances!

August is a special month for me, because it is the birthday of Elizabeth Pendry. For those you haven’t yet met Elizabeth, she’s the leading lady in Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance.

For this month only, you can get this ebook for 99 cents! (Regular price is $3.99)


Elizabeth Pendry is the youngest of the Pendry siblings. Orphaned, they live together.   Elizabeth is a daydreamer and reader, who loves to pretend that fairies are real. What she doesn’t know is that magic is real, and not all magic is good. And that some one hears her.

Elizabeth and her family’s life is disrupted when an aunt comes to visit–with the intent of introducing a suitor for Elizabeth’s hand.  Elizabeth finds the situation distressing, and seeks the comfort of  her fairy friends.  On  they way home, she slips and requires help from a mysterious dark stranger.

A short time later, an invitation to a ball arrives. The Marquis of Moonspire is back in town, and he has a son of marriageable age. There Elizabeth comes face to face with her rescuer, George Hodge.

As Elizabeth gets to know George, she falls in love. But he has a secret  and ties to a magical world that comes to threaten the very things that Elizabeth holds dear–her family.  Can Elizabeth stay with George and protect her family?


Find out with this fantasy romance,  Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance.