About Us

Roxbury Books loves books, and you guessed it, authors. I started Roxbury Books to share not only my own writings, but those of others. With this is mind, I invited some authors from my writer’s groups.

While I no longer run a co-op, these authors hold a special spot in my heart, so I wanted to share their work with you.


Jennie Bennett

Ines Bautista-Yao

Liwen Ho

Erica Laurie


Jerry Skell

Julie L. Spencer

Jerry Skell


Each author is solely responsible for the content and quality of their work. Each author is their own independent business, and retains all rights to their works.

Roxbury Books does not own any of the works, as they belong solely to their respective authors and publishers. 

We encourage readers to subscribe to individual author newsletters, or to follow their blogs.