dragon_1867x2800_72dpiForced into running when her village is destroyed, Elodia is about to discover a dragon egg and her destiny as a witch.

Fearing the growing power and wealth of the Guilds, the Imperial Emperor orders the destruction of a single guild to keep the people in line.

Childhood sweethearts Elodia and Eli are driven apart when her village is destroyed. When Eli hears the gun fire, he tries to get to Elodia to protect her. By the time he gets there, it’s already too late, and Elodia is gone. Eli goes on a desperate quest to find Elodia.

Forced in to hiding, Elodia makes her way to safety. Uncovering a dragon’s egg, she also learns that she is a witch, and that there is a freedom movement preparing to fight against the oppressive government.

Will they be reunited?



I am a woman freeborn.
My heart and soul are equal to that of any man’s.
I am a healer.
I will not remain here to be sold to the highest bidder.

Suddenly alone, bereft of family, Jamie, a gifted young apprentice healer, has been declared forfeit and is to be sold into slavery. Facing such grim prospects Jamie runs for her life,and in her journey she will cross continent and ocean traveling to the new world, where she hopes to find enduring love and her unique place in a free society.



Eun Na is working hard to help her father pay off a debt to a merciless lord when she meets two very different men by chance. One is a well-meaning noble who doesn’t believe in magic. The other: a mysterious stranger who is forced to take the ethereal form of a ghost each night.

As they interact, their fates intertwine in this romantic tale about a girl and the phantom who loves her.

Inspired by a folktale, this magical story is set in a fictional world based on historic Korea.




What happens when you take Regency era England, and throw in a mythical 9 tailed fox?

Elizabeth Pendry is a book worm who likes to believe in fantasy. Little does she know she’s about to discover that fairies do indeed exist. And not all magic is good.




Only the dragon knows

Coming Summer 2017.

When a Korean drama fan gets teleported back to the Joseon era, she discovers that she just might be the girl in a prophecy that could either save the world, or doom it.

This story is fictional, and not intended to be historically accurate.