New Years Party part 5


A secret blurted out in a moment of anger had turned Eugene Banks’ life upside down, but he moved on and made a good life for himself. Now, it’s 1942, the war is on, and he’s a Staff Sergeant stationed stateside at Fort Knox. Beautiful Vivian Powell is nursing a broken heart, and isn’t looking for love. At the urging of a friend, she decides to join the war effort by becoming a junior hostess at the local USO.
When they meet—man, the sparks fly. They enjoy a wonderful courtship, while juggling two confusing mysteries; until Vivian catches Gene doing the very thing that he swore he would never do.

If you love stories set in the 1940’s or about WWII that read like you’re watching a Turner Classic movie, then Her Blue-Eyed Sergeant is for you!

This is a clean romance with no profanity or illicit sex, just plenty of amorous kissing and breathtaking romance!


From Book 1: When Josefina “Joey” Roma moves to St. Helena with her sisters, she’s looking for a fresh start. Their fiber arts and weaving company, Three Sisters Roma, keeps Joey focused—and drained. When a sexy beekeeper-slash-veterinarian rescues her and her new lambs from a swarm of bees on a country roadside, she had no idea how ‘fresh’ her life would turn. She hadn’t expected a man with a cocky attitude, cool confidence, and a pair of blue, blue, blue eyes…

Arran Brody, home after his mother’s death to help turn around his family’s honey farm, is still trying to reconcile his feelings around his recently-wed father. Exhausted,he’s ready to give up and return to his vet practice in Vermont. But, when he rescues Joey from her road-side bee dilemma, he may have found the answer to “settle the bees” in his own heart.


Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald has managed to retain his sanity, his humanity, and his honor during the hell of WWI’s trench warfare. Charlotte Braninov fled the shifting storm of the impending Russian Revolution for the less-threatening world of field camp medicine, serving as a nurse in the most hopeless of fronts. Their friendship creates a sanctuary both could cling to in the most desperate of times. Historical fiction about life, loss, and love, By the Hands of Men explores the power that lies within each of us to harm – or to heal – all those we touch.


Travel writer Zara Castillo has a lot going for her. Her career’s taking off, and her boyfriend, Matthew Villanueva, is everything she wants in a man. So what if talking to her parents is like getting her teeth pulled out without anaesthesia? No one’s life is perfect.

But when her relationship with Matt is tested by distance and jealousy, issues she thought she’d dealt with long ago emerge once again. She goes soul-searching through her past—only to find that the answer to her fears lies closer to home. Now she must decide if she can finally forgive and heal, or she loses the love of her life.

With trips to tropical islands boasting beaches, rolling hills, and windmills, Throwing Rules to the Wind explores the lights and shades of seeking closure, forgiveness, and love.

Born with a perfect memory, Lady Elizabeth Beckett has become one of the world’s most notorious spies, despite being the daughter of a duke. She is shielded only by her code name: Shadow. When young ladies of High Society begin disappearing from London, Eliza has no doubt who is orchestrating these crimes; a heinous man she has been investigating for years. Vowing to save them before they are sold to the highest bidder, she must risk everything to stop him.

Lord Sinclair was perfectly content being the second son of a marquess, but when his brother is murdered, he is thrust into a position he has not been prepared for and does not desire. As an agent for the Crown, he is expected to retire now that he is the heir, but he’s been granted special permission for one more mission… to obtain justice for his murdered brother.

Used to keeping secrets, Lady Eliza and Lord Sinclair must learn to open up to each other when they are assigned as partners to bring down the same ruthless man and his brutal empire of abduction and slavery. As Eliza’s tainted past becomes too much for her to bear alone, can she learn to trust her new partner with her secrets, her life, and possibly her heart?


Book Two in The Eternal Knot Series.

Raven Payne is a Midwife whose favorite romance novel is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. When Raven and nine of her girlfriends travel to Stonehenge for a vacation, they are suddenly transported to different locations in time.

Raven finds herself in 1823 Derbyshire, England and right in the middle of her favorite novel with Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Join her adventures and challenges; as she is introduced to one of Mr. Darcy’s secretive friends, her soulmate.

Bran Williams has no time to court a wife. He is too busy; he must save his beloved kingdom. When Raven walks into his life, his priorities change, and Bran will do anything to get his soulmate to marry him. But will he risk her life, to save England?



The first book in The Eternal Knot Series; King Roan.
3,000 years ago, after the neighboring Princess rejects King Roan, he sets out to prove she is his soulmate with a sacred necklace from his holy man. However, he time travels to 2017 Texas to find his soulmate.

Kendra Blue is a young, independent, smart woman who owns and manages a small ranch. How will Kendra deal with a self-centered, arrogant King who demands shelter and food from her?

King Roan, a difficult, prideful man, learns that being a king means nothing in 2017 and it means even less to Kendra. How does Roan function in a time with technology, when he is not even sure how indoor plumbing works? How will he convince Kendra they are soulmates?

When the situation presents itself, Roan and Kendra travel back to his home and the perils of a jealous Princess. Will they stay or return to 2017? Join them on a journey to a time when Stonehenge is still new.

All books in this series are stand alone and clean adventure romances.


Evangeline lost her mother to cancer, and her father is rarely home. Unhappy and alone, she wishes for someone who will love her. A short time later she wakes up in Joseon era Korea.

Believing she is dreaming, Evangeline quickly accepts her new circumstances. Besides, it doesn’t hurt that Beom is handsome and reminds her of her favorite actor, even if he is a little rough around the edges.

As for Beom, he’s not sure what to make of the maiden who mysteriously materialized before his eyes. But one thing he knows for sure –he must help her return home to her world. Yet the longer he is with her, the more he wants her to stay. When the time comes, will he be able to let her go?

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