Is your manuscript in pretty good shape, but you need an extra set of eyes to look over it? Roxbury Books now offers proofreading services!

Roxbury Proofreading isn’t meant to be your only edit.  I’m a proofreader, not a  developmental editor. This means I look over your work and check at grammar and punctuation.

I use the Chicago Manual of Style.

Basic fee: $100 for up to 25,000  words.   Non-refundable.

Clean Reads Only

No erotica.

If you hire me to proofread your erotic novel, I will not finish the title and you will not get a refund.


If interested, send me a summary and your first chapter.   The summary is for me, and the first chapter I’ll use to provide you with a sample of my proofreading.

The summary can be the blurb, but also include any rating content I should be aware of.

Email:  edits at

Novels I have proofread.