Review: Love Over Kpop


Trish Russo moves to LA as a new assistant for an American Kpop agency. When she convinces the moody kpop star, Woo In-ho to come out of his trailer at a video shoot, she is asked by the agency to accompany him up the California coast for a special personal event. During the drive, Trish gets to know Woo In-ho. Her feelings start to become entangled with him making her jeopardize her career. Will she be able to keep her job while being involved with the Kpop star she’s assigned to oversee?

My Review:

I stumbled on this little story on accident. And found myself continuing it in one night. it has some cute little romantic moments. There were a few times that I was a bit concerned that it wasn’t going to be a clean read suddenly and turn erotic due to the references to wanting to kiss In-ho again and maybe something else. Love isn’t lust and it gets tiring reading romance storylines that don’t realize this.

I really hope the author finishes writing this story.

Vella Spotlight

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I’ve recently fallen into the Vella void. I’ve discovered some wonderful stories. (And of course, the not so great.) I’m also a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell, even if we don’t all choose the same mediums. One of the cool things about vella is that any writer, from aspiring to professional can post.

This leads us to some quality problems, of course. But many times, a good story can be hidden in one that hasn’t been fully polished yet.

Last week I asked vella authors to suggest some of their stories to share with you.

In no particular order:

Single and orphaned at thirty, Evie Broussard is afraid the holidays will never be the same. And they won’t–but that doesn’t mean she can’t start new traditions. A last-minute trip to see Christmas markets in Europe might be just what she needs. Only Evie finds things aren’t quite what she expected. Then again, nothing could have prepared her for Keller Kendrix and his crew.


Cassie Jones, the head of Jones’ Post-Mortem Tracking Agency, has been cursed with a capital “C.” Thanks to an unfortunate incident with an angry wizard, any guy she falls for is guaranteed to betray her. So when David MacDuff – the most mouthwatering man she’s ever had the misfortune to meet – hires her to track his recently deceased brother, she knows she’s got to keep things strictly professional. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Maybe she should have stuck to hunting vampires after all.


wo sisters each lost the love of her life in WWI. Now in the next life, they have a mission to fulfill before they can finally reunite with the men they love. They must help others find their own soulmate. The beautiful inn where they grew up has been converted to an apartment building and is filled with people who need assistance finding their forever person – whether they know it or not! Inventive and determined, these two ghostly seniors will do whatever it takes to reach their goal.

Review: Mystical Missy and Her Life of of Magical Events


Missy never asked to have magical powers, but when she survived a fire as a baby, with no burns or marks, this was only the start of her magical abilities. Follow the journey of mystical Missy as she discovers a new power each year of her magical life.

Genre: Fantasy/Humor

My Review:

This delightful story is still early on. (I know, a bit early to leave reviews, but this is a vella story.) This book is beautiful. I’ve felt sadness, disappointment, and then tears of joy for Missy already. I highly recommend giving this book a go.

New Rating System for Books

The Roxbury Librarian wants to make selecting what book to read easier for you!

ALL or A

Books rated ALL (or A for short) are children’s books. These are book that are safe for all ages, from beginners to adults. These include picture books (such as the Littlest Angel) to middle grade titles.

S (for Safe) or 12+

Books rated S or 12+ are considered safe for ages 12 and up. (And up includes adults! Yes, you can read these books!) They may include older middle grade, young adult, and clean and wholesome romance.

C (for Caution)

Books rated C were found by the Roxbury Librarian to have materials that are not suitable for a younger audience. While an erotic (or steamy) novel would be rated C at Roxbury Books, not all books rated C are erotic/steamy. C books may contain swears. (Calling someone a b*tch or using an f-bomb will get you rated C.) These books may also have sexual content that goes beyond implied intimacy and fade-to-black, or contains mention of nudity in a sexual manner.

These ratings are the sole discretion of the Librarian. When possible, we will give the reason behind the rating chosen. Information provided by authors and readers are used when making a rating decision.

If a book is rated or not, please use the genre for guidance when making your selections. Do your research to avoid those unpleasant surprises! If it doubt, ask in a reader group or ask the author.

New Release: Georgianna

Daily updates Monday-Friday

“So, this is how it ends,” Georgianna whispered as her body trembled in terror and exhaustion. Her breathing was rapid, and her chest heaved as she struggled to recover from her recent clash and clear her wits. She was shackled to a thick upright beam of wood while a madman scribbled with chalk on the floor and chanted her death mantra. She had successfully evaded her hunters for years and briefly experienced true love and happiness. All too soon she would be stripped of everything and nailed to the floor as a blood sacrifice. And there was no one to save her.

Genre: fantasy action and adventure

Rating: C (language, sexual situations, nudity)

Now on Vella.

To learn more about Roxbury Books rating system, go here:

Review: Fantastical Flash Fiction (vella)


This is a collection of flash fiction based on elements from mythology and fantasy. Every piece will be under a thousand words, and occasionally I might post a couple of microfictions in the same episode.

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

My Review:

Fun short stories that explore myths and legends. I found them well-written and interesting. (I think my favorite was the one about the Kelpie so far.)
You do not need to read these in order, either.

Have you check this vella book out yet? What was your favorite story?

Review: Hey, Nicky!


Remi Lucas isn’t afraid to go after what she wants, and she wants Nicolas Savage; the brilliant, hot, serious, emotionally unavailable nerd at school. Remi is gorgeous, smart, the head cheerleader, and the most popular girl in school; so, why is he playing hard to get? Does he think he’s going to ignore her? Not if she can help it. See if she’ll get her guy in this cute romantic comedy. Fans of the drama “It Started With a Kiss” will love this story.

Genre: Romance/Teen and Young Adult

My Review:

I know this story isn’t finished. It is a vella story, after all, but it is fun. Taking place in high school, two childhood friends have grown apart That’s often part of life, right? Except Remi loves Nicholas, and Nicholas is crushing on Remi. What’s the problem you wonder? Well, Nicholas is relying on playing hard to get because a book told him so.
Full of embarrassing confession moments, longing thoughts and glances, this book will keep you going. So stock up on those tokens, you’re going to need them.

Review: The Dragon Maze


Dragons and their riders are sent to guard the enchanted maze, where monsters are contained. The dragons and their riders can never leave, marking them as sacrifices to protect the maze so that the monsters can never escape. Can Touernaea and Touervina use their bond to save themselves and the other riders, or with the monsters within prove to be too much?

Genre: Teen/YA Fantasy

My Review:

Here’s another fun vella story. This one kept my attention and I look forward to seeing where it goes next. They are about to enter the maze.

Are you reading this one? Feel free to comment and share what you think.

Review: The Sea Rose (a Vella story)


Lord Peter West could not marry Lady Bannister. Her eyes bore into him like daggers; her voice filled him with dread. Knowing this, his resolve thinned as the day neared to announce their union. He could not have imagined as he fled the party that he would find himself stranded in the district of the Half-Merpeople. No one had told him that those with ocean-blood lived such wretched lives. Most of all, he could not have dreamed that the once-vanished Lady Rose Finch walked those streets.

My Review:

I have another Vella story to share. This one is great. It has two things I love, it’s a Regency romance and it has magic. And not just any magic, it’s merpeople.

From the opening, I was hooked. We start off with Peter at a ball meant to announce his engagement to a proper young lady by the name of Meredith. It doesn’t go as planned and Peter runs away. Leaving Meredith to an unfortunate fate. I wasn’t sure about her in the beginning. But there is a reason she behaves the way she does, and it tore at my heart as it unfolded.

Peter’s escape takes him to the poor area where the merpeople live. Shunned by society, it is quite dreadful there. Peter wants to make changes, and I look forward to seeing that journey.