Book Ratings

The Roxbury Librarian wants to make selecting what book to read easier for you!

ALL or A

Books rated ALL (or A for short) are children’s books. These are book that are safe for all ages, from beginners to adults. These include picture books (such as the Littlest Angel) to middle grade titles.

S (for Safe) or 12+

Books rated S or 12+ are considered safe for ages 12 and up. (And up includes adults! Yes, you can read these books!) They may include older middle grade, young adult, and clean and wholesome romance.

C (for Caution)

Books rated C were found by the Roxbury Librarian to have materials that are not suitable for a younger audience. While an erotic (or steamy) novel would be rated C at Roxbury Books, not all books rated C are erotic/steamy. C books may contain swears. (Calling someone a b*tch or using an f-bomb will get you rated C.) These books may also have sexual content that goes beyond implied intimacy to fade-to-black, or contain mention of nudity in a sexual manner.

These ratings are the sole discretion of the Librarian. When possible, we will give the reason behind the rating chosen. Information provided by authors and readers are used when making a rating decision.

If a book is rated or not, please use the genre for guidance when making your selections. Do your research to avoid those unpleasant surprises! If it doubt, ask in a reader group or ask the author.