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Jerry Skell

Jerry has been a verbal story teller since he could talk. When his children were small, he was known tell them stories, often exaggerating truth to make the stories better. He had two kinds: TRUE and TA-RUE.
After years of working as an R.N., he retired to sail the Great Lakes and to finally start writing the many stories in his head.

Many of Jerry’s works on available to read for free on Wattpad.

website: Tales of the Dragon Master

wattpad Amazon Vella

Gretchen (Goose Girl)

Goose Girl can be found on wattpad. Her book, Love Comes in Three has over 1 million reads!


Erica Laurie

Erica writes cute romantic stories with dragons and other magical creatures.

Erica’s official website is:

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Roxbury Books is our family book blog. We wanted a way to share our stories with readers. Although we are family, we don’t all write the same things, or even the same heat level. We don’t even read all the same genres!

We are all at different stages in our author journey and we are grateful you are here. We hope you like our stories.

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