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Who we are and Book Ratings:

Roxbury Books is our family book blog. We wanted a way to share our stories with readers. Although we are family, we don’t all write the same things, or even the same heat level. We don’t even read all the same genres!

Jerry writes a variety of fiction, mostly fantasy based. His books may contain material that is not suited for younger audiences. They may contain swearing, sexual situations, and nudity. For this reason, we are giving his books the rating of C for Caution. (See below to learn more.)

Erica writes romantic fantasy for young adults and up. If you are starting to get interested in romance or like sweet clean romance, then these books are for you! As a general precaution, we are giving these book the rating of 13 and up, as there might be references to wedding nights and non-graphic violence. (Think of when Prince Phillip kills the dragon Maleficent.)

To learn more about our rating system, go here.