The Roxbury Showcase: May 2017

May is one of my favorite months.

It is the month my husband was born. And because he was born, was daring enough to meet me in person, was daring enough to marry me, we have some pretty amazing blessings. (Also called kids.)

May is also that month we married. In fact, this month we will celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  It’s also  our Family-versary, because it’s the date we started our own family. Just the two of us.

So for this month, I wanted to share some books about falling in love, or that has a wedding in it.



Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson is one of my favorite romances.   It really started my interest in Regency Romances, and I just love how Shadow Mountain has a line of Proper Romances.




I asked my Clean Indie group for some suggestions fitting this theme. (Of course, if you browse the Friends of the Roxbury section, you’ll uncover a lovely grouping of Romance books and authors. So don’t hesitate to poke your nose around the site.)

lisa shea


Sweetly Romantic Short Story / 11 pages

Hank was late again for dinner, but Ruth didn’t mind. His job as a fireman meant life was always a bit chaotic. As long as he came home to her at the end of the day, she was blissfully content.




scoundrelFor five years, Jameson Rex has harbored a startling secret. When his uncle uncovers the truth and threatens to expose him, the disinherited Rex removes to London in search of a wealthy wife. But rumors of his disgrace have already rippled through the ranks of society, marking Rex as a scoundrel, a rake, and worst of all: an ineligible bachelor. The rumors flying through town are not all about Rex, however. Charming, vivacious, and completely unaffected, Sarah Mendenhall has quickly become the most sought-after débutante in London. Despite the masses vying for her affections, Sarah is resolved to enjoy her first season in town, and vows not to accept a single proposal, no matter how handsome or wealthy the gentleman offering may be. Desperate for funds, Rex accepts a wager to woo the unconquerable Miss Mendenhall, embarking on a whirlwind courtship that puts both of their reputations on the line. But will his triumph be worth the price he must pay? Bound to secrecy, driven by duty, and forced to choose between saving her innocence and saving himself, Rex is determined that nothing will stop him from winning her heart – even if it makes him a scoundrel.



When Dreaming Ends copy.jpegThis is the end. All my dreams lie broken like so many memories… Just when Ash thought her life was perfect, things have begun to fall apart. If Wyn wants to become King, he will have to give up on a life with Ash. A new threat comes from across the ocean, the Onvyr Elves have never held to the honour code. After years of wanting to rule Alora, will they finally gain a foothold and destroy the hard won peace Ash and Wyn have fought so hard for? Wyn will have to face the ultimate challenge if he wants to become King. Will he have the strength he needs to fight for the throne again? Things have never looked darker in Alora. This is the end, the final battle begins now.e




new cover Journeys of the Heart NEW BLUEKatherine Greenwood is desperate to escape the confines of 19th century London and her wretched life on the streets. Seeking refuge in India, she finds herself an unwelcome guest on a tiny indigo plantation, and at the mercy of its handsome but brooding master, Charles Mendenhall. Intrigued by the broken man to whom she is now indebted, she slowly begins to unravel the truth behind his bitterness, and in the process, makes a place for herself in his heart. But a beautiful young Englishwoman is a rare sight in Calcutta, and Katherine soon draws the attention of the dashing Lieutenant Marcus Bradford as well. Drawn to the elusive Mr. Mendenhall, flattered by the handsome lieutenant, Katherine’s heart is pulled in opposite directions – entangled in a web of love and loss from which she will not emerge unscathed. India was her refuge, but unless Katherine can rein in her traitorous heart, she will leave the land of her dreams more broken than ever before.



how she rolls

Tessa, a self-conscious introvert, attempts to avoid a party and everything goes wrong. When a handsome stranger offers to lend a helping hand, she isn’t sure things will ever be right again.






healing touch


He walks through the door, flashes a heart-stopping smile, his voice smooth as velvet as he says hello. When your hands touch, the Earth stands still…

No. Love doesn’t happen that way, does it? Here’s a collection of sweet stories of people unexpectedly meeting The One.


Tell me about somem of your favorite romance books.