Review: The Taken by Elicia Hyder


elicia hyder the taken
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Sloan Jordan’s days are numbered. She has 139 to be exact. In that time, there’s a lot to do: a missing friend to find, a wedding to plan, and her own murder plot to overthrow.
When a lead takes the crew back to Chicago, the truth they uncover is more shocking than they ever imagined—to fight the enemies of the present, they must first face the demons from the past.

**The Fourth Book In The Soul Summoner Series**
Book 1 – The Soul Summoner
Book 2 – The Siren
Book 3 – The Angel of Death
Book 4 – The Taken




The Taken  is Elicia’s fourth book in the Soul Summoner’s Series. It has suspense, mystery, crime, and of course, romance.   You don’t want to miss this series. Just be warned, this book, as in the last three, ends on a spectacular bone tingling cliff hanger.

I enjoyed this book.  With each installment I learn more about the characters as they continue on their journey. They try, they  make mistakes, they grow, and they love. And to me, that is what a good story is all about. I look forward to book number five.

Content rating: PG 13  for mild adult language/adult situations. Some violence.