Review: The Snow King

the snow king


THE SNOW KING is an urban fantasy romance novella, inspired by Celtic folklore, set near winter solstice.

One unexpectedly snowy day, struggling artist Gwen finds a strange man asleep in a hidden cave. Intrigued, she accidentally wakes him up, unknowingly letting loose an ancient being in the modern world.

After he loses the fight against his nemesis, Edur is subjected to a century-long sleep. When he wakes up, he must rely on Gwen’s reluctant help in order to get used to the modern lifestyle, while he works towards his goal to bring eternal winter and keep his powers throughout the year.

Gwen doesn’t need this complication in her life. Babysitting an ancient being with strange powers is not how she imagined spending her time preparing for Christmas. Even though Edur’s arrogance drives her crazy and his powers often frighten her, his child-like wonder at the world stirs her caring instincts. Edur, who has never bothered learning about humans, finds himself becoming more interested in how Gwen’s world works and uses her resources to plot the demise of his arch-enemy. Gwen is set on changing his mind.

My Review:

The Snow King by Kate Grove was an enjoyable romantic tale between the Snow King, Edur, and a struggling artist named Gwen.

This story was more like the beginning of something on a grand scale than a standalone story.  When Gwen stumbles upon Edur and  awakens him from his deep slumber, she didn’t expect that despite his icy ways (pun intended), that she would fall for him. Edur also realizes he  has a heart.  Although his primary focus is on keeping his powers so he can bring about  an eternal winter, the clues are there that he’s also falling in love. One thing I found important  to their relationship was Edur’s belief in Gwen’s art.  I look forward to following this author, and perhaps revisiting  Edur, Gwen, Oren, and Arista again. (There is that little deal that Oren made with Arista after all.)

There were some editing errors, but they didn’t distract me from enjoying the story.  This was an old fashioned style story that is worth checking out.

Roxbury Rating: PG. (Gwen and Edur live together, and there is mild violence with injury.)
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