Review: The Cadence

cadenceEmma King’s life is fairly ordinary, with the exception of one extraordinary aspect. She is plagued with the rare ability to feel a person’s emotions with a simple touch. Any sensation she feels becomes amplified to almost unbearable levels. Emma has learned to keep her hands to herself and her emotions under wraps.​

But when quiet, good-looking Gage Parmer moves to town, everything changes, and for the first time in her life, Emma loosens the chains that hold her emotions in check and prepares herself for the whirlwind that is to come. Mysteriously lacking in emotions, Gage tells Emma an incredible story that pulls her into his world of impossibilities. At first, she refuses to believe. But when she puts his words to the test, she discovers that his world is also hers. ​

Soon she will be forced to use her ability in an attempt to destroy an ancient evil that has defied death and ruled the centuries in a reign of terror.

They are called… The Cadence.​​

In the end, she has only one weapon and one chance to defeat the Cadence, break their circle of power, and restore hope.


My  Review:

This is a book I read some time ago. I thought I’d go through my books and share some of  books that still stand out. This is one of them.

I LOVED this book.

It is hard to know where to start with a book that moves you in ways this one moved me.  If you are looking for an epic story, this is one you can’t pass up.

I knew I was in for a treat with the Acknowledgements. This amazing author, Casey Hays, thanks not only her family, but she thanks her Savior, Jesus Christ. “He deserves credit for every blessing, every encounter, every talent I possess.” I don’t know about you, but that set the stage for my reception of this book. It doesn’t matter what religion Ms. Hayes is — she has it right. And I was willing to bet my time reading, this is a book she’d not be ashamed of sharing with Jesus.

As the story unfolds, a new boy at school named Gage enters the picture. He tells Emma a remarkable tale about The Gathering, and what it means to her, her loved one’s, as well as countless others. Not only does Emma learn that she has some say in controlling her emotions — they don’t control her, she learns that even in the darkest hour there is hope.

This is a story well worth reading.