Free Book: Alfheim Seoul



Sixteen-year-old Alecia doesn’t know anything about goblins or magic. She’s never even heard of Alfheim. She’s just trying to get through high school and get her driver’s license.

And then she meets a faerie creature who needs her help. One impulsive bargain later and she has magic powers, her grandfather kidnapped, and the FBI is involved. But she knows she did the right thing. Can she pull it all together before things entirely spiral out of control?

Alfheim Seoul is a fast-paced, fantasy adventure.

Clean. Suitable for all ages.


Roxbury Books Says:

I had to grab this. (It’s price is hard to beat, FREE, until Sunday 6-15–19.)  I’m way behind on book reading myself, but two things caught my eye in one of my writers groups today.  The words goblin and Seoul.

Two things I like.

If you grab this title, feel free to comment back. I’d love to know what you think.