Snowflake Kisses (A Kpop Romance)

Vee was too sensible to believe in love at first sight. Attractive guys and great personalities were not mutually exclusive…until she met Yangbin. Maybe it was his dimples, or his broad shoulders, or maybe it was simply that he was adorable. Whatever it was, Yangbin stood out to Vee like no one ever had.

She tried to brush him off. Forget about their one meeting and pretend she wouldn’t care if she never saw him again, but when he showed up working at the hotel where Vee was spending Christmas vacation, she couldn’t help but think fate had played a part.

She still didn’t want to believe in love, but life had other plans.


My  Review:

Snowflake Kisses is an enjoyable romantic comedy about first love, with the promise of lasting love. It has a nice fairy tale with a happy ever after feeling.

And it has Christmas as it’s backdrop, which is why I am featuring it today.

As Kpop grows in global popularity, I think we can expect to see more books like this. Although improbable, it is not impossible to think you might meet a Kpop star in the United States. So grab your copy today, sit back, pull up a chair, and prepare yourself for a delightful afternoon of reading.

And don’t forget the hot chocolate.

Maybe even listen to some Kpop.