Review: A Hero Born by Jin Yong


Set in ancient China, in a world where kung fu is magic, kingdoms vie for power and the battle to become the ultimate kung fu master unfolds, an unlikely hero is born… in the first book in the epic Legends of the Condor Heroes by the critically acclaimed master of the genre, Jin Yong.

After his father—a devoted Song patriot—is murdered by the Jin empire, Guo Jing and his mother flee to the plains of Ghengis Khan and his people for refuge. For one day he must face his mortal enemy in battle in the Garden of the Drunken Immortals. Under the tutelage of Genghis Khan and The Seven Heroes of the South, Guo Jing hones his kung fu skills. Humble, loyal and perhaps not always wise, Guo Jing faces a destiny both great and terrible.

However, in a land divided—and a future largely unknown—Guo Jing must navigate love and war, honor and betrayal before he can face his own fate and become the hero he’s meant to be.

Legends of the Condor Heroes
A Hero Born
A Bond Undone
A Snake Lies Waiting
A Heart Divided

My Review:

I really let the ball drop with this gem. This is a must read type of book. I received an ARC from the publisher before the pandemic, and this one sort of got buried in my to be read pile. I wish I had read it sooner, but, maybe one reason it got buried was the timing wasn’t right for me to read it. So, add this too your TBR lists. Buy a copy. Read it now. Read it later. Either way works. It’s great.

This is a sweeping epic. Upon finishing it, I had to go and see to the next one. The translator did an excellent job. What was really great about this book was, it was almost like watching it. I liked the third person omniscient story telling. I enjoyed the way it talked about kung fu and how it was magic. I wish I had read it sooner!