Vella Recommendations

Instead of reviewing each of these titles separately, I thought I would list some fun reads I discovered recently on Vella. Remember the first three episodes (chapters) are free. In no particular order:

Fantasy / Action & Adventure

This one starts off evil. I’m warning you. (Trigger warning: There’s implied rape. Multiple girls, and one is 14..) I feel for Trace, who not only was forced into military service, he’s now chained up and being experimented on by Karven. I also like Perin, who ends up as one of Karven’s specimens too. I want to see their escape and see where they go. I also want to see Karven get his comeuppance.

Teen & Young Adult / Fantasy

This was a lighter read, and I needed it after the darker book before it. If you like fairies, you’ll love this one. I kept thinking about the Tinkerbell movie when reading this one. I love the characters and their friendships. Thistle is our leading fairy. Her friends are Zazz and Thatch. (They are awesome.) I like the variety of fairies and fairy wings.

Teen & Young Adult / Fantasy

Delightful academy story.