Vella Spotlight

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I’ve recently fallen into the Vella void. I’ve discovered some wonderful stories. (And of course, the not so great.) I’m also a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell, even if we don’t all choose the same mediums. One of the cool things about vella is that any writer, from aspiring to professional can post.

This leads us to some quality problems, of course. But many times, a good story can be hidden in one that hasn’t been fully polished yet.

Last week I asked vella authors to suggest some of their stories to share with you.

In no particular order:

Single and orphaned at thirty, Evie Broussard is afraid the holidays will never be the same. And they won’t–but that doesn’t mean she can’t start new traditions. A last-minute trip to see Christmas markets in Europe might be just what she needs. Only Evie finds things aren’t quite what she expected. Then again, nothing could have prepared her for Keller Kendrix and his crew.


Cassie Jones, the head of Jones’ Post-Mortem Tracking Agency, has been cursed with a capital “C.” Thanks to an unfortunate incident with an angry wizard, any guy she falls for is guaranteed to betray her. So when David MacDuff – the most mouthwatering man she’s ever had the misfortune to meet – hires her to track his recently deceased brother, she knows she’s got to keep things strictly professional. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Maybe she should have stuck to hunting vampires after all.


wo sisters each lost the love of her life in WWI. Now in the next life, they have a mission to fulfill before they can finally reunite with the men they love. They must help others find their own soulmate. The beautiful inn where they grew up has been converted to an apartment building and is filled with people who need assistance finding their forever person – whether they know it or not! Inventive and determined, these two ghostly seniors will do whatever it takes to reach their goal.