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A teacher missing without a trace, can Nash keep Etta safe?

Miss Etta Lynne is desperate. With the Great War finally over, it’s up to her to care for her sick mother and pregnant, widowed sister. She needs the high school teaching position in Oakland, Manitoba.

It doesn’t matter that the superintendent shows his contempt for her at every turn. Nor does it matter that the overprotective and entirely too attractive mayor disagrees with her more often than not. It doesn’t even matter that the previous teacher disappeared under mysterious (and potentially grim) circumstances. She will persevere.

However, Etta soon realizes she’ll have to learn to trust those around her if she has any hope of finding safety—and possibly love—in this new life. But what if trust is a luxury she simply can’t afford?

In the Company of Men, book 1 in the Lemon Sugar series, is a clean and wholesome, small town, historical women’s fiction read. If you like heartwarming tales of heroines who are stronger than they realize facing life’s challenges head-on (and even finding happily ever after along the way), this series might just be your next favorite comfort read.