Book Spolight: Love on the Run

Everyone believes that Beth Boudreaux needs to get away. Her kidnapping by Beau Manning has her jumping at shadows and friends and family hope a change of scenery will help her move on. So when a telegram arrives from a sick aunt they urge her to visit.

Andrew Leroux can’t believe that Beau Manning has escaped. Now he has to warn everyone involved in his capture, which includes the lovely Miss Elizabeth Boudreaux. When he learns she has headed to her sick aunt he knows he has to go after her. Catching up to her is easy. Convincing her to go home isn’t. The headstrong Miss Boudreaux refuses and only leaves him one option. Kidnap her.

It doesn’t take him long to realize that the safest place for Beth is with Andrew. Now he has to keep her from escaping, protect her from Beau, and maybe make her fall in love with him.