Review: With Jesus, I Tell the Truth

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With Jesus I tell the truth

Telling the truth is a vital part of growing up, so this beautifully illustrated book is a great way to start teaching your child the value of honesty. Most adults will agree that lying to someone is a gargantuan no-no. This story is a great way to begin explaining why you should always be honest through use of an example.

The main character in this story, Macy, lied to her parents about eating a piece of cake. After that, her father tells her a very loved and familiar Bible story about Jesus and the truth. Jesus had many opportunities to lie but he always told the truth. This puts Jesus in a different light for little Macy who then decides that she would like to be more like Jesus and tells her parents the truth.

Some great characteristics about this book:

  • It can help change a child’s behavior
  • It opens an honest dialogue between parent and child.
  • It is easily read and understood and great for kids and families
  • The illustrations are bright and colorful both of which make it appealing to young readers.
  • It also teaches an important Biblical principle that is not easily forgotten.

So grab a copy today and start teaching your child the value of honesty.
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My Review:

I loved this book. I was misty eyed by the end.

The prose is lovely. The illustrations are beautiful. I love that this story involves both Macy’s parents and that Macy gets the courage to be more like Jesus and tell the truth. The way it played out is realistic to family lice. Beautifully done.