Review: Dongeng by Anna Tan


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Exiled. Powerless. The world he grew up in is changing—he feels it, feels the devastation being wrought. But what can he do so far away from home?


Lost. Afraid. She’s being enlisted to help save Alam Dongeng—a magical world she knows little about. How can she tell stories she doesn’t even know?

Worried. Confused. He’s long forgotten his grandfather’s stories—it’s familiar, but he’s never really believed in them. Why should he start now?
Dongeng tells the story of Sara and Helmi’s awakening to magic in their own country. There’s a war to protect Alam Dongeng, helmed by the Orang Bunian and Garuda. But are the ranks of Hantu really their enemies? They may very well be fighting the wrong battle.

A sequel to Coexist, Dongeng draws you into a whole new realm of fairy tales.

Roxbury Books Rating: PG

My Review:

This was my  first look at Maylasian fairytales, so  I wasn’t sure what to expect. I appreciated the descriptions, although I did wish a few times for a glossary.

Over all, I enjoyed the story. I liked Sara and Helmi, and their relationship. I liked Helmi’s parents. I liked how Sara linked the fairy lands of the West with those of Asia.

Some parts of the were confusing, especially when it was filling in the backstory.  By the end I could piece things together. I feel like the wrong characters were center stage to what could have been a stronger story about Abdul Mansoor and Aria.

I am a fan of blending cultures. After all, we share a beautiful world. Different families come together and create new families, blending together what was, what is, and what will be.

I definitely would love to learn more about Maylasia, and her stories.

Thank you, Anna Tan, for this wonderful story.





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