Review: The Yard Sale by Shirley Jamiel

the yard sale

Synopsis: It was late fall and the family decided to have a yard sale to make some extra spending money. Little did they know their most valued treasure would be stolen. Who took 5 year old Cindi and how does the family pull together to solve her mysterious disappearance?

Roxbury Book Rating: R   Contains reference to a sexual crime against a minor.




My Review:

This is an inspirational story about family and faith.

It is written in third person omniscient, and that might throw off some modern readers. We never fully get into the characters heads as the narrator shares their thoughts and what is going on. There’s bits of info dumping, but the info is pertinent, and it is easy to follow when the POV shifts.

There are multiple mentions of faith, God, and prayer.

Possible Spoiler Alerts below.

I really liked the character Cindi. She’s a smart 5 year old, and her quick thinking really saves her. There’s one scene in which the kidnapper stops at cheap motel for the night. While the reader is aware what the evil man is up to in the bathroom, and what his intentions are for the child, it never goes into detail. Due to the nature of the crime I would rate the book  R.

Despite the nastiness of the scene, this is one of the scenes that Cindi starts to really shine. When the evil man joins her in the room, he’s not aware that she has hidden herself under the bed, and that the shape in the bed is her doll.  One of my favorite scenes though is when she drops a pack of  allergy pills into his drink and is able to escape.

At the time of my writing this, there are a few typos and format issues with the book. But these are minor and should not interrupt the flow of the story.

This book is currently available at B&N,  Apple, and Kobo.






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