Review: Koda in the Wild

Koda in the Wild is a fun and exciting kid book about exploring nature and camping. It’s the first book in Koda and Friends series. Follow Koda, the adventurous cat, as she embarks on thrilling adventures that teach kids all about the wonders of nature and the joys of camping. The book includes questions to discuss with your kids about what they learned, game suggestions to play together to reinforce the concepts, and colorful, fun, and interactive illustrations for kids.

Koda in the Wild is the perfect book for kids who love adventure. Join Koda and her friends on thrilling adventures while you learn about the environment you live in.

My Review:

This is a cute little story where a cat learns what nature is. I like that the cat is curious. I love the little cat decorations that are scattered through out. The art is bright and colorful, so it’s sure to please little kids.

I was a bit curious about the author, so I paid a visit to her webpage Bella’s Scrolls. Bella Ho is both a talented young author and artist. You can sign up for her newsletter while on her page.