Review: Koda in the Wild

Koda in the Wild is a fun and exciting kid book about exploring nature and camping. It’s the first book in Koda and Friends series. Follow Koda, the adventurous cat, as she embarks on thrilling adventures that teach kids all about the wonders of nature and the joys of camping. The book includes questions to discuss with your kids about what they learned, game suggestions to play together to reinforce the concepts, and colorful, fun, and interactive illustrations for kids.

Koda in the Wild is the perfect book for kids who love adventure. Join Koda and her friends on thrilling adventures while you learn about the environment you live in.

My Review:

This is a cute little story where a cat learns what nature is. I like that the cat is curious. I love the little cat decorations that are scattered through out. The art is bright and colorful, so it’s sure to please little kids.

I was a bit curious about the author, so I paid a visit to her webpage Bella’s Scrolls. Bella Ho is both a talented young author and artist. You can sign up for her newsletter while on her page.

Review: Ojiichan’s Gift by Chieri Uegaki

ojichan's giftWhen Mayumi was born, her grandfather created a garden for her. It was unlike any other garden she knew. It had no flowers or vegetables. Instead, Ojiichan made it out of stones: ?big ones, little ones and ones in-between.? Every summer, Mayumi visits her grandfather in Japan, and they tend the garden together. Raking the gravel is her favorite part. Afterward, the two of them sit on a bench and enjoy the results of their efforts in happy silence. But then one summer, everything changes. Ojiichan has grown too old to care for his home and the garden. He has to move. Will Mayumi find a way to keep the memory of the garden alive for both of them?

This gentle picture book story will warm children’s hearts as it explores a deep intergenerational bond and the passing of knowledge from grandparent to grandchild over time. The lyrical text by Chieri Uegaki and luminous watercolor illustrations by Genevieve Simms beautifully capture the emotional arc of the story, from Mayumi’s contentment through her anger and disappointment to, finally, her acceptance. The story focuses on an important connection to nature, particularly as a place for quiet reflection. It contains character education lessons on caring, responsibility, perseverance and initiative. It’s also a wonderful way to introduce social studies conversations about family, aging and multiculturalism. Mayumi lives in North America with her Japanese mother and Dutch father, and visits her grandfather in Japan. Some Japanese words are included.

My Review:

Heartwarming tale with beautiful illustrations.

One of the things I loved about this storybook was that it showcases family love. Although Grandpa lived far away from Mayumi, he still was a part of her life through the garden he created for her. The ending is poignant.

I received and ARC from the publisher.

Thank you, Ms. Uegaki, for this beautiful story.

This book releases April 2, 2019.  You can pre-order on Amazon.